What is regalia?  

Regalia is the term for the academic dress graduates wear and typically consists of a gown, hood and trencher. The colour and style of the regalia will reflect your degree.   

Can I purchase regalia to keep?  

We provide regalia for a number of Australian universities.  

  • Graduating in the future – you will receive an email referring you to our website once the regalia portal opens. There will then be options to hire or purchase (if available for your institution).  
  • Graduated in the past – please contact our team on 1300 361 806 or hello@reedgraduations.com.au to discuss availability and pricing for your university.  

Is regalia available to hire outside of the graduation period?  

We can offer short term hire of regalia to alumni and academic staff. Please contact our team on 1300 361 806 or hello@reedgraduations.com.au to discuss availability and pricing for your university.  

Please note, short term hire may not be available in December.  

What are your opening hours?  

Monday to Friday  

9AM to 5PM  

Our customer service team is based in Victoria, therefore from October to March we follow Australian Eastern Daylight Time.  

Can I have my photos taken at your office?  

Yes, we have a studio in our office in Keysborough, Victoria. There will be a sitting fee to cover the time with our photographer and then the images would be available to purchase on our website.   

What we will need to know:  

  • Will you need to borrow regalia? 
  • What date and time would be suitable for you? (Our photographer is typically available Monday to Friday, 10AM to 4PM) 
  • How many people will be attending? 

Contact our staff on 1300 361 806 or hello@reedgraduations.com.au to make a booking.  

Please note: in-office photo shoots are not available in December.  

How long do you keep the photos for?  

We plan on keeping the images available for several years. Please ensure you keep a record of your unique reference code that starts with G as you will need this to order your images online.   

Are you linked to Southam Studios? 

Arthur Reed Photos purchased Southam Studios in 2014 and we became Reed Graduation Services. You can contact our team on 1300 361 806 or hello@reedgraduations.com.au to check if we have your photos from Southam Studios. If you still have one of their proof sheets, please check if there is a unique reference code that starts with G printed at the top. Otherwise we will need to know your university, graduation date, graduates name and email to search our archives.  

Unfortunately due to the amount of time passed and the change of company, we may not have a record of all images.  

What payment options are available?  

Payment options include AfterPay, Visa or MasterCard.  

What currency are your prices?  

All prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD).  

I received the “Error in payment processing” message – what does this mean?  

  • Please ensure you are using a VISA or Mastercard 
  • Enter the card number without any spaces between the digits
  • Enter the name exactly as it appears on the card (including titles or initials)